CAFF 2023

After two years of virtual events, we are looking forward to once again hosting in-person CAFF screenings in both Vermont and New York. While past years’ virtual screenings had their definite advantages, we all deeply felt the absence of the community element that made the inaugural Festival in 2020 so special. Not only will this year’s program be a true community event, many of the films themselves will touch on the concept of community building as a climate action.

Social movements rely on the strength of collective impact, and affecting climate action is no different. From voting, to marching in the streets, change only comes when we come together. But in order to show up for a collective need, like saving our planet, we need to first know the collective — we need to know each other. Community builds understanding, which builds empathy, which builds solidarity. Show up for CAFF, show up for each other, show up for the planet.



13 mins, Directed by David Sanchez, Canada

In a powerful debate with her parents, a daring teenager defends her decision to practice civil disobedience.


Everything is Wrong and Nowhere to Go

12 mins, Directed by Sindha Agha, USA

A filmmaker turns to a climate psychologist in hopes of finding peace of mind at what she’s pretty sure is the end of the world.

About CAFF

The mission of the Climate Action Film Festival® is to bring together activists, filmmakers, and communities to witness powerful stories of climate action, and to inspire further action, locally and beyond.

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