CAFF 2020

The Climate Action Film Festival debuted in February of 2020, the first festival of its kind to feature storytelling around solutions to the climate crisis rather than simply the impacts. SunCommon has always believed in the power of storytelling to bring more and more people into the climate movement; stories have a unique ability to spark change in the face of existential threats, and we know we’re not the only ones making a difference.

CAFF was created as a platform to celebrate everyone playing a part in restoring balance to our planet — the scientists, engineers, activists and more who are chipping away every day at this monumental challenge.


Blue Carbon

6 mins, Directed by Benjamin Drummond & Sara Joy Steele, WA, USA

In coastal Washington, scientists study the many benefits of estuaries and the power of blue carbon as a climate mitigation tool.


Keeping Carbon

12 mins, Directed by John Bowermaster, NY, USA

Farmers in New York’s Hudson Valley use regenerative agricultural methods to keep carbon in the ground.

About CAFF

The mission of the Climate Action Film Festival® is to bring together activists, filmmakers, and communities to witness powerful stories of climate action, and to inspire further action, locally and beyond.

Questions about the festival? Wanna get involved? Reach out to us!