Welcome to CAFF 2023
After two years of virtual events, the Climate Action Film Festival returned to the big screen for two in-person premieres in Burlington, VT and Hudson, NY in May.

Now, from Thursday, May 18 through Sunday, May 21 we're excited to bring the full program to a wider CAFF audience online. Get inspired from the comfort of your home!


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See you in 2024!
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Hudson Hall, Hudson, NY
Tickets coming soon

Our mission

The mission of the Climate Action Film Festival® is to bring together activists, filmmakers, and communities to witness powerful stories of climate action, and to inspire further action, locally and beyond.

Why we created CAFF

Climate change is an existential threat caused by human beings and the unsustainable systems we’ve created that reward extractive behavior with massive wealth. Those who have profited from the destruction of our planet will insist they have the answers, but the truth is we cannot rely only on these same systems to solve the problems they’ve created.

Our sustainable future lies beyond existing paradigms, and in order to get there, we need to reimagine what’s possible. Dedicated individuals across the world are answering the call by applying their ingenuity, their energy, and their time to this monumental challenge. CAFF is a platform to bring you these stories and inspire further action.

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